Welcome to the Belle Center Reformed Presbyterian Church!

Near to the North American operations of Honda in west central Ohio, the Belle Center Reformed Presbyterian Church welcomes you to this cybersite. We hope you'll visit often, and that you'll worship with us when you're in the neighborhood. You can hear MP3 files of our sermons and Psalm meditations here. We're a small church, so no visitors are neglected! You're welcome if you're poor or rich, whatever country you're from, or whatever your skin color is. You're not perfect yet? We're sinners, too! We weren't worthy of God's gift of forgiveness and life in Jesus any more than you are. In fact, we're still not. We're still spiritually under construction, like you. If you want to come and be with us because you know you've offended God and you want to be right with Him, we'll welcome you with open arms. Please, right now, check out our "new life" page. If you want to make real, live contact, then here's how to do it:

To join us for worship and activities, please note the following:

Please contact us for time and place of our meetings for the next several months.Our church phone number, and that of our ministerís family, is 937-464-6851.You can email us at covvie@columbus.rr.com.

Figure 1 New Building

Lord's Day services :

Please contact us by phone or email, as above.

Wednesday :Prayer Time at our Manse (Parsonage) at 7:30 PM.

For more info on our location, look at "where we are". You can reach us by phone at 937-464-6851. Also, you can email us at covvie@columbus.rr.com.

Quickie Overview

What's our church like? You can get some details at the "who we are" page. Maybe, though, you're more in the mood for a fast summary. Here you go!


         Intimate (Well, we're pretty small, but that does have advantages!)

         Bible Believing

         Full "five point" Calvinist

         Committed to Christ's Lordship over all, including the civil government

         Scriptural Worship

         Supporting homeschooling and the local Christian day school

More! More! MORE!!

Here are several places you can take a look at for more details.

         Learn a little about where we are.

         Learn a little about who we are.

         Learn a lot about how you can have an end to your guilt, get a new life, and be friends with God forever.

         Learn a little about some folks we like. Everyone likes links.

         Learn a little about RP churches in other countries.

         Learn a little about the Bible's teaching on Christ's Kingship over Church and State.

         Learn a little about our minister. Are you sure you want to do this??

         Learn a little about Creation Science, a growing area of Christian discussion.

         Learn a little about what Jesus did for His people. For whom did Christ die?

Please drop us a note! We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or whatever.

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