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"The great tragedy of Science -- the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact."

--Thomas Henry Huxley 

The Bible is very clear that "The work of creation is that wherein God did in the beginning, by the word of his power, make of nothing the world, and all things therein, for himself, within the space of six days, and all very good." This is a quote from the Westminster Larger Catechism, Question 15. All who call themselves Christians used to believe this. Many no longer do. Why is this? Do they ignore facts? Is there a presupposition that gets in the way so they can't be objective? Is it mere religious fanaticism? Or is there another explanation?

Actually, no data have been acquired that changed Christians' minds. The same fossils, the same dating techniques, the same findings are available to secularist and Christian alike. There are many scientists with advanced degrees who believe in a special six day creation. They know the same data as the secularists. What makes the difference is that creationists believe the Genesis account. Yes, it is admittedly on faith. However, the secularist does this, too. He, too, has unproven axia that govern his interpretation of the facts. He, by faith, assumes there cannot, no, must not be a special creation by God, so does all he can to interpret the facts to deny this God whom he fears and hates.

The fact is, many Christians have changed their presupposition. It used to be that they assumed that the Bible was the unerring Word of God, and that all facts had to be interpreted by the truth found in it. Now, many who call themselves Christians believe that the Bible itself is judged by whatever the secular and humanist "scientific" establishment says. This is, to be blunt, pathetic at best and tending to infidelity.

If Genesis is not a true account, then Christianity falls to the ground.

-- Philip H. Pockras

rainbow rule

A Case for Creation

Dr. Gary E. Parker

For the first several years I taught biology and pre-med courses, I "preached" evolution, trying to convince my students that millions of years of struggle and death got us here and that death would finally win. A chemistry professor challenged me with scientific evidence that he claimed falsified evolution and supported the Bible. After three years of trying to prove evolution to him with all the arguments I knew so well, I concluded that science really does refute evolution (some people's ideas about what might have happened in the past) and supports instead the Bible's written record of what actually did happen.

We can tell the difference between a pebble shaped by time and chance and an arrowhead created with plan and purpose. Scientists find created order in DNA's genetic code, the cell's "irreducible complexity," pre-programmed stages in a baby's development, marvels of adaptation, variations in the one skin color we all share, and so many other places that, even without identifying the Creator or seeing the creative act, "agnostic creationists" are writing influential books using the tools of science, logic and observation to present scientific evidence for creative intelligence.

Wait a minute! Evidence for intelligent design? What about the AIDS virus, birth defects, and disasters? Don't these horrible things prove evolution by time, chance, struggle, and death? I thought that (as detailed in Creation: Facts of Life, 1994), until I learned the Bible says God did NOT create the world as we know it today. God created a wonderful world with no suffering or death. But our first parents did what we also do so easily: put human opinions above God's clear and loving words. Their rejection of God's Word of Life led to suffering and death -- a corruption of God's creation.

Is there a struggle for survival as Darwin said? Yes, but natural selection (actually published by a Christian years before Darwin) only helps explain how and where varieties survive as they multiply and fill the Earth after men brought death into God's creation. Do random changes in genes (mutations) occur? Yes, but mutations help explain the origin of disease, defects, and death, NOT the origin of species. Mutation and selection ("microevolution") produce only harmful changes or just variation within kind, such as the peppered moth, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, etc.

Fossils confirm large but limited variability and point to disaster and decline, supporting what the Bible says about God's perfect creation ruined by man. Fossils also testify to the Flood brought on by man's corruption.

The first fossils buried in abundance, the now rare or extinct trilobites (found in local rock), had marvelous eyes enabling them to see underwater better than my students and me on our scuba dives in the Florida Keys -- well designed (creation), but followed by disaster and decline (corruption and catastrophe).

Students see the evidence of a lot of water, not a lot of time, on our week-long backpacking trips through Grand Canyon, and hear how Mount St. Helens formed a 1:40 scale model of Grand Canyon in just 5 days. Studying fossils while doing my doctoral degree (with a fellowship from the National Science Foundation) completed my "conversion" from believing the words of men (evolution) to believing the Word of God.

But, don't take my word for it. Examine the evidence for yourself -- if you can. With private funds on private land in a park-like setting, Answers in Genesis wants to present such evidence in "Genesis Park: Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center" near Florence, KY. A small minority wants to ban the building, which would censor free inquiry and further limit free choice in education.

Bridges of understanding are not built by repression and censorship but by letting people explain what they believe and why they believe it. If creationists win, evolutionists can still tell their story. If Biblical creationists are right, life wins, and each of us has a special place in God's eternal plan. Evidence worth considering -- if you can.

rainbow rule

For further information, please check out Answers in Genesis. Another good place to look is the Institute for Creation Research. Just remember to come back here!

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