Where Is Belle Center?

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About the Area

Belle Center is in west central Ohio. We're northwest of Columbus about 70 miles, north of Dayton about 70 miles, and southeast of Lima about 30 miles. We're in scenic Logan County. Our county seat is Bellefontaine, which is right in the middle of Honda's North America operations.

Logan County has lots of opportunities for work and play. With Honda around, there are also many supplying industries. The county as a whole, though, is agricultural. Within our county are Indian Lake, Mad River Mountain Ski Resort, Ohio and Zane Caverns, and the Piatt Castles. The county has a fine public library system, a Christian Day School in Bellefontaine, and there is also at least one local homeschool support group that covers Logan and Champaign Counties.

Belle Center itself is a small village of around 850 people in the north center of Logan County. The Belle Center Reformed Presbyterian Church is one of several churches locally. Around our area are Presbyterian (USA), United Methodist, Church of Christ, General Association of Regular Baptist and several "new order" Amish congregations.

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How You Get Here

First off, maybe you'd like to see a map of Belle Center, which is expandable so you can see where we fit into The Great Cosmic Plan. We're just at the red star on the map, at the intersection of East Buckeye St. and Center St. Or, just follow these easy directions:

From north or south, you go on Interstate 75. At exit 102, or Ohio Route 274, you go east forever, it seems, through Jackson Center, miles on to the second red blinker light. The distance so far is about 20 miles. You are now privileged to be in Huntsville, OH. Go north, or left, onto Ohio Route 117 for several miles until you come to Ohio Route 273. Turn right, and Belle Center is about 4 more miles away. We're right on 273, the only church on the main drag. We're on the left side of the street, a block past the ice cream stand.

From east or west, you go on Interstate 70 until you come to I-75. Head north and follow the directions above. Or, if you're on I-80 or 90, when you come to I-75, go south.

From Columbus, head northwest on US 33 until you get to Bellefontaine. Go north on US 68 to the junction with Ohio Route 638, which bears off to the left. Go to the only stop sign, and you're in Belle Center. Go left for a few blocks, and we're on the right. There, that wasn't so hard!

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